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Sat, Nov. 5th, 2005, 11:10 am

How many meats eaters do you need to change a light bulb?
None--they'd rather not see how their food is made.




Come to Vegetarian Club’s First Big Event:


A Potluck (meat free of course)


We will also be watching


Meet Your Meat


This is on Thursday, November 10th After School (Half Day) in Mr. Lynch’s Room


You are welcome to bring dishes requiring refrigeration just drop them off in the foods and nutrition room before school on the 10th.


You can also warm stuff up in the oven after school.  And if you want to run home to get your dish after school that works also.



***Please make sure to avoid using any meat including seafood or chicken in your dishes (this should go w/o saying but you never know these days***



Specifically label vegan dishes so that are vegans have some options


Questions: Talk to Mr. Lynch or call Geoff 503-539-9667 or e-mail him g_wood@earthlink.net